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Laser Dentistry

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Laser therapy in dentistry provides patients with a more comfortable dental treatment experience. Using laser dentistry, we can deliver a precise treatment that is more comfortable, quicker, and provides more stunning results.

A laser is a device that uses light energy to perform work.  Lasers are unique because they can treat targeted tissue while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected.  It is this property among others that allow us to perform very precise procedures.  In addition lasers may seal off blood vessels and nerve endings during a procedure lessening bleeding, postoperative pain and swelling.  In many cases due to their gentle and precise nature lasers are used with little or no anesthetic.

Benefits of laser therapy

The founders of the Mayo Clinic have declared: "A healthy mouth can add ten years to your life."  They were referring to a growing body of evidence that has linked serious gum disease, also known as periodontitis, to a number of "systemic" diseases that afflict the body.  Studies are showing that there is a link between periodontal disease and coronary heart disease, stroke, pregnancy complications, diabetes and bacterial pneumonia.

  • We use lasers to attack periodontal inflammation at the microscopic level of infection.
  • The power of its focused light destroys otherwise inaccessible bacterial colonies while simultaneously creating an ideal environment for healing.


There are also several benefits to receiving a laser therapy dental treatment.

  • Soft tissue treatments include gum reshaping, gum surgery, and improving muscle attachment.
  • Many laser treatments do not require anesthesia, and the recovery time is much quicker than with traditional treatment methods.
  • Treatments are more comfortable.

To learn more about laser dentistry and how you may benefit from a laser treatment, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment.


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