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Meet Dr. Bruno West

Dr. Bruno West

Bruno West, DDS

Dentistry requires a combination of knowledge, technical skills, art, good education, interpersonal skills, and a true compassion for people who are fearful of the dentist. Over the past 40 years, I think I have acquired a good blend of those capabilities. I get a huge amount of satisfaction in carrying out difficult or challenging treatment for a patient who has placed their trust in me. I feel like I make a difference in making people live better, healthier, and happier lives.

The greatest thing about teeth is that people come attached, each unique with a different response to their problem. My responsibility is to educate them as to how their problem developed, what options are available for treatment, which is best, and to foster enough trust to let me do what they need. My patients are smart; they want to be involved in decisions about their treatment, they want me to respect that they are individuals, and they want a comfortable and aesthetic outcome that will last. I have many patients who have trusted me to take care of them for 30 to 40 years. Their kids and grandkids have all come to me. They become friends, and my life is enriched by their presence in my life.

Education and Experience

I attended the University of Connecticut on a football and track scholarship and received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Zoology, graduating as a University Scholar in 1965. I then attended the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, part of the University of Maryland, and graduated with highest honors in 1969. I later took a senior elective at the Lancaster Cleft Palate Institute and achieved membership in OKU dental honor society.

I completed a hospital residency in dentistry at St. Francis Hospital in 1970, and have also participated with a surgical team at Tripler Army Medical Center for severe facial/dental injuries coming out of the war in Vietnam. I practiced in Downtown Honolulu for 40 years and now continue to practice with Dr. Michael Schwinn.


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