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Meet Dr. Keith Vodzak

Dr. Keith Vodzak

Keith Vodzak, DMD, MSD

Dr. Keith Vodzak received his D.M.D. degree, (Doctor of Dental Medicine - equivalent to a D.D.S.), from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry in 1980. His M.S.D. degree, (Master of Dental Sciences), was awarded along with an Orthodontic Certificate from the University of the Pacific, San Francisco in 1982.

For 20 years Dr. Vodzak practiced as an orthodontist in San Francisco. During that time he was also the "Orthodontic Consultant" for a leading patient education company called Krames Communications. Dr. Vodzak helped Krames to develop and write approximately 2 dozen books, pamphlets & brochures about the various aspects of orthodontics. These are still being used around the world by orthodontists to educate their patients.

In 2001, Dr. Vodzak moved his family to Hawaii. His many years of experience now benefit our community. Dr. Vodzak has used clear appliances since their inception and was one of the 1st orthodontists trained to be an Invisalign provider. Clear appliances are now his specialty


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